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In 1960 Walsh became an authorized dealer for Gledhill.  Gledhill created their plows to help their customer make snow removal fast and easy.  With five different types of plows they made a plow that fit for everyone.  The straight moldboard plow is one of the most common types of plows.  You can get it in a 10′, 11′, or a 12′ with three different heights.  It comes in four power reversing models and one manual reverse.  The Tapered plow is meant for higher speed.  It comes in a 10′, 11′, and 12′ with three different intake and discharge heights.  The Tapered plow can be fixed one way, have power reverse, or manual reverse.  The Jetstream Plows do and excellent job at picking the snow up and tossing it far from the road.  It causes less build up beside the edge of the roadway.  You can find this plow in a 10′, 11′, or a 12′.  It has two power reverse models and one manual reverse.  The Full Roll Straight plows work very well in and urban environments.  Because of the roll at the top of the plow it allows the snow to flow smooth and makes plowing a breeze.  Comes in lengths of 10′, 11′, and 12′ with a height of 42″.  You can choose between three power reverse models or one manual reverse.  Snow is no match for the Husky Snowplow.  The Husky has an “X” bracing on the back of the moldboard witch increases stability and strength in the plow.  It come’s in a length of 8′, 8-1/2′, and 9′ with a height of 32″.  This plow fits on 1 ton and 1-1/2 ton trucks.

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