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Hi-Way makes a spreader for any size job!

Hopper Spreaders:

  • The Model P spreader is meant for 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks.  They come in a 7′ 1.5 yd3 up to a 10′ 2.1 yd3 with a heavy-duty 12-guage body with a 10-guage bottom.  It also has a self-cleaning pintle chain conveyor.  Great for schools, alleys, and parking lots. 
  • The Super P spreader is meant for flatbed trucks.  Sizes from a 8′ 2.7 yd3 up to a 10′ 4.4 yd3.  They are very common for municipalities, landscapers, contractors, and townships.  It also has a conveyor system with self-cleaning pintle chain. 
  • The E2020XT has thick 10-guage steel with a 7-guage steel bottom under the conveyor.  A 24″ cross link conveyor chain comes standard with the E2020XT

Tailgate Spreaders:

  • The TGC-18 tailgate has a reversible conveyor that allows you to spread on the right or left side.  It works great for restoring shoulders or filling trenches on the side of the road.  This spreader also has a quick attach so you can install or take off quick and easy. 
  • The SA-9 is made for all year round maintenance.  With its 9″ auger and 7-guage steel its built to last.  It allows you to spread from either side and comes standard with an 18″ spinner.
  • The SA-6 has a 6″ auger and it’s 7-guage steel.  It has a quick disconnect and is very easy to maintenance.  An 18″ spinner is also standard with the SA-6. 

Live Bottom Asphalt Bodies: 



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