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Ad-Van-tage Van

ad-VAN-tage Parts Deliveries

To Register, Please Email:


  • Company/Agency name
  • Parts contact person name and email address
  • Delivery address
  • Garage hours
  • Garage phone and fax numbers

Email notifications will be sent to Advantage customers when Walsh’s stock van will be in the area for free doorstep delivery of parts!  The van is able to ship heavier and larger parts that would be expensive to UPS or inconvenient for the customer to collect. 

Free UPS Ground on Qualifying Orders

Walsh is pleased to offer free UPS Ground Shipment on most parts orders. UPS Ground shipments arrive quickly from Walsh typically within one day.
       To Qualify:
  • Parts must be stock part
  • Located at on of Walsh Equipment’s locations
  • Weigh 50 lbs. or less
  • Not be irregularly or oversized

Expedited/Critical Shipments from a manufacturer:Special orders, emergency machine down orders, factory drop ship orders, etc. are unaffected.  Freight to Walsh or direct to the customer is still billed for these direct or expedited shipments.

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